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Layout/Template Discussion - NOT BUGS

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Layout/Template Discussion - NOT BUGS

Postby Eterna » Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:20 am

Ok, this is long overdue. I consider this post an open discussion for every portion of the display in testgrounds.

Any page may be discussed, if a complete change is required then let's open a new topic for each major change so they can be discussed without sidetracking this post.

Here is my current list of goals for testgrounds - display-wise.

Overall Top Nav: Release Pending
//done Combine: new page "Chat" with both chat links and a description panel for each
//done Combine: Hall of Fame, Score Board, Ranking, Search, and Banned in new page "Statistics"
//done Combine: Support Tickets, Rules, Beginners Guide, Wiki, and Forum to new page "Support"
//done Combine: Achievements, Tutorial, Lottery, Vote!, and Bounty to new page "Events"
//done create image banners for each of the above
//done Add link to Bazaar with Credits image

Overview: Release pending
Change "Ring" Image
missing ? on Information th box
missing ? on Planets menu
missing ? on Planet Menu link
change LAUNCH image on popup/fleet
- drop shipyard image down

Resources: Release pending
//done Change th on Bonus Collect to td
//done Daily Total on Planet Tab to Overview Tab
//done Resources per Day on Overview Tab to Planet Tab

Fix Population on Empire Tab

New Images needed:
lm_contact eos

Production: release pending
Add plane select li

Research: release pending
Separate types of research, showing space for expansion

Buildings: release pending
Separate types of buildings, showing space for expansion

Shipyard: release
No changes required?

Defense: release pending
Separate types of defenses, showing space fo expansion

Officers: release
No changes required?

Fleet: release pending
add links to shipyard and defenses
Remove Fleet Image

Galaxy 1D: release
No changes required?

Galaxy 2D: release
No changes required?

Trade: release pending
Change to floating li w/descriptions inside

Merchant: release pending
Discuss Population Value with Community - both Merchant and Market

Scrapyard: release pending
Improve appearance? add table?

Bazaar: release pending
remove white squares, put in rounded outline + 3px padding
Change headers to Planet, Ship Images, Weekly Specials, and Dark Matter
Add warning below Credits Not Delivered message
- Please ensure you follow the prompts on-screen when going through the payment process.
Failure to do so will result in a delay in payment processing requiring admin confirmation.
When reporting a delay in credit receipt, please allow for 24 hours for an admin to respond.

Events: release
Finish Game Image
Add More Games

Statistics: release
No further changes necessary?

Alliance: release pending
- ally moon shot needs image set to specific width/height
- member list made to a new button
- avatar added to member list

Empire: release pending
need to figure out how to do a tab showing one planet only - and all details
see notes.

Buddylist: release pending
integrate Tabs

Notes: release pending
find a way for it to open as a sliding div

Sim: release pending
find a way for it to open a modal window (cross browser/platform) with resulting CR

Chat: release
no further changes necessary.

Support: release pending
finish contact image
add contact suresh li and image
work on integrating an ADMIN Alliance ONLY circular for the user

Beginners Guide: release pending
add population and expand with help from community

Support Ticket: release pending

Rules: release pending
Change this to an internal page with direct link - not popup

Wiki: release pending
Change this to an internal page with direct link - not popup

Forum: release pending
Change this to an internal page with direct link - not popup

Options: release pending
Get player feedback
add two new signature images - make a contest for it
Disable Planet View to Enable Planet View
add instructions for each option
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