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Council application

Postby VouDou » Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:14 pm

The game has been in Beta since 2012? I would love to recruit players from other games. Strong players. I am scared to even coin thinking there may be problems. That and i am moving and buying a house. But when i can i will. I argue its time to exit Beta version after the bugs are worked out. Hopefully quickly. Cap the game as is then add features as ideas are propoesed on a seperate server program name or app.

I am a very experienced player from over 6 years in ge in some of the biggest alliances the game has seen.i have run alliances and been an officer in several alliances. Players should come first. The fun, big fleets, building fast or die. Please move forward in the game. Lets get this game going in growth.
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