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Restart The Outer Rings?

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Restart The Outer Rings?

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Restart The Outer Rings?

Postby Bruin22 » Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:31 pm

most of us know by now the unfair advantage that has occurred within the first few days of the TORs. But for those who do not, here's a brief synopsis:

With the opening of the Outer Rings it turns out that the markets between the Frontier and the Outer Rings were linked. This enabled several players to buy huge amounts of resources with the beginning DM from the Frontier. The bug has since been fixed and the markets separated. This gave them a huge leg up on the competition. So far many have skyrocketed to heights which are normally unattainable by the average players who had to wait the old fashioned style for resources to come in. Already a few players have over 1,000 points where amny are barely cracking 100. The debate is whether to support a restart of the Outer Rings in order to re-level the playing field.

Any other suggestions and comments will be posted here, as well as questions or concerns. This should be decided swiftly in order for people to
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Re: Restart The Outer Rings?

Postby moparland » Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:38 pm

It would suck to restart. Lol. So much time poured into it to get started. Cant the ppl who took advantage of the bug have their accts put in vacation mode for a wk or so or whatever the equivilent would be. Ill restart though if its the decision. Just hope it is decided before i put anymore time into it before its erased
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Re: Restart The Outer Rings?

Postby g€neral zod » Sun Jun 10, 2012 4:51 pm

Can we get a verdict soon , I'm a little hesitant to put much time in (course its not like I have much to do with onl 2 planets ) I'm in favor of a restart
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Re: Restart The Outer Rings?

Postby EVEnforcers » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:37 am

I would be interested to know who the 'several' players were that supposedly transferred minerals from The Frontier to TOR's. In my opinion it is entirely possibly that no player transferred minerals from The Frontier to TOR's. Allow me to explain how I have come to such a conclusion.

Firstly my wife and I are avid players who joined the Frontier several months ago. After a few weeks playing we noticed that we were progressing much faster than many active players that had been in the game for some time. We soon realised that many players did not know about the Dark Matter Merchant that allowed you to exchange DM for minerals at a rate of 1DM = 132,000 Metal: 66,000 Crystal: 33,000 Dueterium. This Dark Matter Merchant was free to use and accessed via an obscure link within the Merchant. Wow, I hear some of you say. Indeed this little link changed the game entirely for those in the know and gave them a huge advantage over the competition. In EV Enforcers we shared this info just as soon as a player had been with us for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, this module was left active when TOR's opened and those in the know obviously used the feature, myself and my wife included and I am sure anyone who previously knew about it in The Frontier. So although there was a market bug where it seemed one could place orders in The Frontier and they could be seen in TOR's, I am not sure if anyone actually abused the bug. My wife and I watch the market like a hawk and the only suspect order we saw was the one placed by Prometheus which was obviously not intended for him to transfer into TOR's (as the amount of DM requested for the mineral simply wasnt available for him to collect it in TOR's).

You can get a lot of mineral for 100DM. 100DM can be earnt very quickly via the tutorial, the daily reward and voting. This is what my wife and I did as soon as we entered TOR's. Now that the link to the Dark Matter Merchant has been removed its a different game. Personally I liked the fact that the DM Merchant link was slightly obscure, if you're not an observant person or did not explore the games options in full then you would miss it - I think at least 90% of players did not know about this link.

Well the question - did anyone use the market bug to their advantage? - I'm not sure but I believe not.
Did anyone use the Dark Matter Merchant in TOR's? Yes for sure, I did, my wife did and I would expect that the couple of players with higher scores than us did as well.

For those that thought my wife and I were cheating or exploiting a bug please think prior to making unfounded accusations. My wife and I were threatened with losing our accounts without investigation should we not tell a certain individual how we were making our money. Obviously we did not want to explain about the Dark Matter Merchant to an active player who is our competition, at the same time we didnt want to lose our accounts. We explained the situation to eOs who then removed the DM Merchant! (I think he had forgotten about it - lol). So don't bother looking for it now!

I hope this explains a few things.

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Re: Restart The Outer Rings?

Postby Eterna » Mon Jun 11, 2012 5:42 am

actually it was CONSIDERABLY more than that.

the nail in the coffin was the Ally Pull button..

Since during the transition, certain things weren't tracked (they are now, logs fixed) it was really like opening a spigot - once it was open the bugs kept flowing out.

Far far too difficult to pick out the problems.
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