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What should the bashing rule be changed to?

Change limit # of attacks to per player per day - not per planet
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Lower limit # of attacks per planet per player per day - stay the same but lower the total allowed #
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Postby stormcloak » Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:47 am

First, I understand that we dont want to run people off, and for that reason I have only raided I believe 3 active people all week, and all were within 5 places of me, some higher some lower. Only one person of those three did I hit 6 times, that was because after hitting him 4 times (and some IPM's later) it was finally somewhat safe to send large cargo to get the cash. Even then I lost 100 of them when I sent 4k of them trying to overcome I believe 50 gauss cannons...... (if LC's didn't have such awful rapid fire problems against them I could have gotten the cash in waves 1 or 2 and walked away content)

I have refrained from picking on lower people, but I do got to say, that the interest in me by way higher players hasn't slacked off in the least, im still being probed all the time, and if it wasnt that I was on a lot, I would have been raided many many times, but usually after being probed, if I probe them back and they dont come as they know the resources will be moved/spent as I am on.

I joined this game to have fun and try to end up becoming number one eventually, and my rise into the high 50's rank in such a short time im very proud of as I have worked hard to get to that point. But most of the emphasis it seems on the bashing problem comes from raiding players ranked over 100, yet the top 30-40 people dont seem to have the stigma against them raiding people ranked 40-100 because by the time we get to that level we are supposed to know ways to keep them at bay by either fleetsaving our resources or making it unprofitable for them to come knocking at our door. Yet its ok for them to come looking daily at me, thats 30-40 places lower than them, but if I even consider raiding a player ranked over 100, then im given the stigma of im "driving newer players away by raiding them"

So my point in all of this is, how am I supposed to get farther than I am? If I raid lower ranked people that I can do without major losses, im the bad guy, yet if I try to raid higher ranked people which takes multiple hits before I can send in cargo ships without loosing 4k of them if I send them in the first wave, im pushing the bashing rule, and if I dont raid, then all the higher ranked people will keep pulling away from me as their mines are higher, their dark matter bonuses are higher, and so on, so I just keep loosing ground. My only way of rising in the ranks really is being more active and play smarter than the players ranked above me, and that means raiding more often than them if I want to continue climbing the ranks and keeping my build queue's full more often than them.

Now between not really being able to raid as I dont want to hurt the game, and the mind numbing chore of scroll this way scroll that way just to send out probes each time I change systems while trying to find inactives to raid now that the galaxy view is so out of whack on a smaller screen, im loosing some of my enthusiasm for this game, and thinking more and more of coming off of V-Mode back on ZE, as while I find this game much more to my liking, basically im slowly being turned into a sim city player, and being a pure turtle/sim city player doesnt interest me, and at least over there, I can raid and not be seen as causing the downfall of the game.

I do think this problem needs to be addressed or else all of us middle tier people dont have much reason for playing much anymore cause we cant advance much without being the termed the downfall of the game, and yet the top 30 are free to probe/raid all day, because for them, bashing isnt an issue because the LC problem isnt around anymore for them since they got EVO's and GigaRecyclers and so can break us lower people in one hit without loosing their cargo haulers, and the middle tier people don't quit usually if they are raided. And now there is even talk in another thread about cutting back the amount of dark matter we can get from IDM missions because mainly the top guy has got all the officers already so now he believes he got it too fast, and wants things changed, which just means that the middle tier people will loose more ground as instead of reworking it and making him rework to that level along with the rest of us, the prereq's will get raised, yet he will still enjoy getting to them finished while it was still "easy".

I dont want an "I win" button as that gives no satisfaction, but I do want it to be possible that if I keep playing hard and dedicating myself to the game, that ill eventually have a shot at knocking at the top 10's door and eventally having a shot at being number 1 myself, and currently the bias against raiding and the bias that the top people have of something was too easy and should be made harder for the newer players will prevent and impede any middle tier person to break into the top without being made out to be the most villianous player on the server.

I have offered up alternatives in the suggestions area on how to relieve some of the bashing problems like lowering RF rates on LC and having NPC worlds to raid, many for the lower tier players and fewer and fewer of them for the higher ranked people, as this would allow us to bash on NPC's instead of each other, and solve the problem of the player base, but ive not seen much interest on those topics at all, yet upping dark matter costs (which to me seems the lesser problem) gets lots of developer interest. So to me at least, it makes no sense.

Thats my .02$ take what you will from it as it is only my opinion and thus is not very important overall, but players opinions and concerns were asked for and thus im providing mine.
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Postby KnightofNi » Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:09 pm

I stopped reading after when you said that people at rank 20-30 (like me) aren't supposed to attack people in their point range. That's quite possibly the dumbest thing I could have heard - there are not very many people playing this game yet, so why the hell would you handicap yourself by not probing and attacking everyone you can? This doesn't mean bash needlessly, I very rarely send more than 1 or 2 waves myself, but when profit is there, profit should be taken as such. If you are profitable, you should make yourself unprofitable. If you don't know how to do that, ask someone. It is not a difficult concept to either fleetsave, buildsave, or do something of the like.... so do it. There aren't enough players in the game to be able to honestly say that anyone in your attack range is offlimits if they are outside of your alliance.
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Postby Eterna » Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:48 pm

Well stormcloak I appreciate any thoughts and suggestions you have.

All of my comments were in general, as I completely understand that fleeters want to raid.. and if there's nothing to raid then why play?

Some games boost their numbers by never deleting inactives, I won't. Therefore the push to get out of Beta increases day after day.

I want to get this game to be enjoyable by all form of players, but it is extremely difficult to maintain this balancing act. In case you didn't notice.. I have tried not to single anyone out.

If every player took it upon themselves to bring at least one other player, the game would grow exponentially. We almost hit 250 there and now we're back down to 225 - we need more players!

I'm going to be making a run of NPC planets again, but it takes a while to set up.
This will at least give folk some random raids ;)
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