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Dark Matter Purchase

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Dark Matter Purchase

Postby Bruin22 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 7:29 pm


The game needs to be able to sustain itself. Currently expenses are around $1250 USD a year, but that is only server costs. As the game grows it will need a better server, so that cost will increase proportionally. There are also additional costs such as licensing, freelance coders to fix the bugs that Songoku or eOs can't, and also the artists that will be required for all the currently common open source images found in-game.
It is estimated that it will cost as much as $35,000 USD to successfully complete the project in a timely fashion and launch on a small scale. Copyright protection is much of the expenses, but advertising will be an ongoing expense. The game needs other methods of income, but we do not want to imbalance the game or make it a "wallet warrior" game.
We have avoided this for as long as possible... but we are entirely open to suggestions.

"If Dark Matter was able to be purchased with Credits randomly every month or two (as a special event announced in-game), do you think it would imbalance the game? "
(Options are as follows)

Yes, it would imbalance the game. Do not do this.

No, this won't imbalance the game. I would support this.

Not, but. . .
No, this won't imbalance the game. It should be limited though.

This may affect the game, but we can only see what happens if we run it as a trial.

Vote ends Friday February 1, 2013.

Yes i know this is a sore subject, and a difficult on to bear but it must at the very least be opened for discussion.
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Re: Dark Matter Purchase

Postby Sandman » Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:22 am

This is where we can share our crazy ideas, right? :geek:

My thought is that we should not sell anything of value in the game. Rich kids should not be allowed to take over. There should be no Wallet Warriors. However, there could be a Hall of Fame where people who make contributions could be recognized. Those who make contributions, with no expectation of gaining advantage in the game, would be rightly honored there.

If that's not enough, then allow game features to be named after prominent contributors. But, again, the contributors would gain nothing that would give them an advantage in the game, just window dressing.

If that's still not enough to raise the money necessary to keep the game going, then charge everyone an equal amount to play. Perhaps there could be a floor of some kind (e.g., 5,000 points, 30 days of play, etc.) and newbies could play free until they hit the floor. At least it would be fair that way, with the same rules for all.

If you must be unfair in order to survive, you could charge players for the number of points they have. That way, those who achieve the most would pay the most. But higher-level players should not reap any extra benefits or consideration solely for their payments.

Other games (e.g., Starfleet Commander) use coercion by selling cheats such as "This building will complete in 26 days, but for a mere $22.95, you can complete it now." I hate that. :evil: To their credit, I've been able to build a fair-sized empire there without paying a cent, but it's taken forever.

In closing, I love this game and I'll probably keep playing whatever you have do to survive. But please try to find a way to raise funds without giving away the fairness that makes it so great. :D
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