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Declaration: SFoP-Vengeance Conflict

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Declaration: SFoP-Vengeance Conflict

Postby Spawn » Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:36 pm

In light of strennuous individual engagements and subsequently abysmal relations over the past 7-8 months, it is with the utmost intention that a formal declaration be made regarding the escalation of said conflict. As of this day, August 1, 2014, SFoP now seeks to replace half a years worth of proxy wars between our two factions with a fully recognizable means of hostility to distinguish a champion of the Outer Rings.
We insatiably await approval and a stint of the opposition's bravery instead of meek cowardice.
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Re: Declaration: SFoP-Vengeance Conflict

Postby Eterna » Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:22 pm

As per the in-game rules, there is no reason for admin to cancel this war. it is now up to Vengeance to accept or deny.

In case of a denial, there is no obligation of either alliance to commit forces to the Alliance War unless they so choose.

Due to the Alliance War system still being under development, and the hard-coded bashing prevention being relatively new, if war is agreed upon there will not be a release from the bashing limit of 5 times per planet with a total of 15 attacks allowed per player. This IS being worked on and will hopefully come in the next update.
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Re: Declaration: SFoP-Vengeance Conflict

Postby Spawn » Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:17 am

Since the declaration, there have been five reputable battles that have made the Hall of Fame thus far in the month of August. Beginning on August 3rd, VX Swooper would make a dramatic reentry into the Verse by fully making his presence known in dealing a decisive blow to Blackdog. He would later proceed to eliminate Apostolos alongside his ~V~ ally, DiverGirl.

•VX Swooper v. Blackdog
V~ n/a
SFoP- 26,266,450,300

•VX Swooper, DiverGirl v. Apostolos
V~ 604,400
SFoP- 211,776,018,975

*August 3rd was a tactically profound day for Vengeance with a successful campaign culminating in not only the defeat of two SFoP members, but also of the Shiellan victory over Saygerow of TOB alliance subsequently fueling Vengeance's nationalistic fervor.

Soon after, the Vengeance victories of August 3rd would become dwarfed by a crippling defeat the following week. The Battle of Phaiakes (6:249) on August 10, was a colossal strategic blunder that has since thrown ~V~'s key aggressors of late onto the defensive. Seven players would become involved in this single onslaught.

• DiverGirl, craboxsanchez, VX Swooper v. Soyman, taxen, Lost, and Spawn
V~ 327,088,102,150
SFoP- 7,488,610,575

Afterwards, SFoP soon went onto the offensive by fully exploiting the newfound opportunity to suppress their enemy. On August 14th, the first of such engagements stemmed from this course of action. Spawn rallied to meet a familiar foe, DiverGirl, in the outlying systems- the Battle of Melanthios 11:727.

•Spawn v. DiverGirl
SFoP- 25,622,828,650
V~ 63,133,305,675

Meanwhile, SFoP's Alaric seized the opportunity to quell SPQR in his home system on the 22nd of August. Battle of Serapia.

•Alaric v. SPQR
SFoP- 18,015,296,600
V~ 116,492,711,100

So far, the lone month has proven to be full of the conflagrations that are to be expected of an interstellar conflict. As of this day, August 24, the known public casualty list is extensive:

Vengeance: 506,714,723,325
SFoP: 262,902,754,800

A little left of August remains, and the fighting rages on between SFoP and the alliance born from its own fleeting values, Vengeance. May there be a plentiful supply of barbarism to go around between spacefaring rivals!
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Re: Declaration: SFoP-Vengeance Conflict

Postby Spawn » Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:16 pm

Politically, much has changed of late. Conflict has since dwindled to an eventful chase across the Verse. Meanwhile, Vengeance itself has seen secession among prominent members across their midrange. Jing Shen alliance has reemerged from Eychimo and Shiella's withdrawal. Ronezro and SPQR (former SFoP and dear friends and rivals) have regretfully departed from the Verse. Finally, craboxsanchez has revoked his Vengeance membership to join the newfound DOOM alliance thus accompanying former TOB members Striker Eureka (formally Redhunter) and Promeal. Despite this, a recent move has seen the addition of Trunkmonkey to Vengeance's ranks in an effort to consolidate supporting resistance in the "upper echelon" of activity. Nevertheless, it would seem that the fighting has since mellowed once again to mere raids and crashes among midrange fleeters of both alliances rather than the bustling back and forth incursions as seen a month prior. Although, as history has shown, tensions could very well reignite later on. Major combat zones are still in effect, and ultimately multiple systems, particularly of those departing the Verse, could very well topple traditional fleet routes and reallocate strategic relays to new clusters. If anything of substance has come out of this war it has been a number of alterations to the political powers that be (SFoP and Vengeance) as well as a resulting arms race throughout the community's up-and-coming coalitions that are vying to later challenge for recognition.

****EDIT May 2016****
The aftermath of the Second Astraean War would ultimately conclude Vengeance's operational capacity to wage war on this scale thereafter. DiverGirl would exit the Outer Rings by December 2014, in fact, Astraea (2:248), formerly the name and site of her homeworld, has been colonized to commemorate her presence in the war. Afterwards, Manede and old HarbingerofPeace would carry on Vengeance's legacy for a time in support of its Jing Shen ally from September 2014-February 2015 when Jing Shen collapsed due to tragedy. In that time, together they would successfully assault Striker Eureka's fledgling DooM alliance which later precipitated the final conflict between SFoP and Vengeance in the Maneiden War (May 13-July 3, 2015) when the loss of its Jing Shen ally prior left Vengeance for its due collapse. By October 2015, Vengeance could no longer support a unified effort beyond the limitations of HarbingerofPeace who, after defeats at the Battle of Bari (May 28), Poltava (May 29), and Skuld (July 3) would later capitulate and merge with recently SFoP-seceded DooM the following year in January 2016. The loss of both Jing Shen and Vengeance left a void in which DooM would later fill in challenging SFoP during the Hegemonic War (Jan. 18-Feb. 6, 2016) like its predecessor had done for 2 years before out of similar origins with SFoP.
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Re: Declaration: SFoP-Vengeance Conflict

Postby Spawn » Sat May 14, 2016 10:46 am

To conclude this chapter with further historical context, much of the listed events above are representative of the larger conflict as a whole. From Jan. 6, 2014-Oct.20, 2015, there were a series of individual wars varying in scale regarding the number of political actors involved and the resulting loss of life. Chronologically, the following periods of tumult effectively demonstrate the causality associated to the growth and decline of Vengeance (Jan. 1, 2014-Oct. 20, 2015) and the ascension of future coalition powers:

The Jing Shen War (Dec. 11, 2013-Jan. 1, 2014), conflict between Spawn, LordofWar, Nightwolf, Frank v. Jing Shen (Eychimo and Shiella). Battle of Shiella 2:86(Dec. 17) and Battle of Morg 2:88(Jan. 1). Jing Shen temporarily subdued after relations soured.

The Preliminary War (Jan. 6-10, 2014), as SFoP fractured, former members found Vengeance. Lordatv withdraws and attacks Spawn at Enceladus on Jan. 6th; taxen routes ez70 using the prior incident to justify the act. Tensions sowed, lordatv and ez70 exit the Outer Rings.

The Stellarian War (Jan. 18-March 1, 2014), A reemerging Jing Shen allies to Vengeance...war emerges from the conflict between SPQR (~V~) and lizardking (SFoP, later named Alaric) whom shared system 1:512. Spawn's rivalry with VX Swooper brings the latter into Vengeance. Thereafter, Battle of Polymatheia (Jan. 29), Battle of Enceladus 2:14 and Battle of Stellarum 1:443 (Feb. 3), Battle of Carkadon 1:512(Feb. 14), Battle of Stony Base 5 1:804(Feb. 17), the Clotho Offensive/Counteroffensive (Feb. 20-23). Ceasefire concludes the second proxy war. The Spawn/VX Swooper front alone amounted to 18,430,052,500 (11.08b VX/7.34b Sp) casualties.

The Astraean Wars (April 27-September 3, 2014), defines two distinct periods of fighting. The First Astraean War recognizes the emergence of DiverGirl and craboxsanchez as capable fleeters of Vengeance in addition to the entries of Manede (~V~) as well as Pol and Striker Eureka (SFoP's TOB allies). The DECLARATION above accounts for the Second Astraean War. DiverGirl raids Thermidava 2:14 (April 26) in response to Spawn and Darthowls engagements with Jing Shen. VX Swooper goes on the offensive in the Tarbothan system 1:864. Craboxsanchez unsuccessfully raids lizardking (April 29-31st), besieged in 2:282, and defeated in 1:369 (June 17). Battle of Astraea-Eclipse 2:248 (April 27-28), Skirmishes at Zmaj 2:253 and Dracen 1:512(April 30), Battle of Eucleia 1:513(May 4), Battle of Khione 2:247(May 10), Battle of Pandareus 1:864(May 14), Battle of Morg 2:88(May 28), Battle of Quinlong 17:76(June 10), Battles of Croaxium and Imuet 1:369/1:512 (June 17). Known estimates of listed casualties amount to 106,554,586,700 (27.48b SFoP; 79.07b ~V~) for the First Astraean War accounting for those that were documented.
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