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Can't crush a fleet? Make them mad!

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Can't crush a fleet? Make them mad!

Postby FatalGravity » Tue Dec 24, 2013 12:29 pm

Made number 42 on the HoF: Banzaii vs Planet Farming Co.
Haha, I saw his huge fleet, but his defenses were insane. So I decided to farm the heck out of his worlds just to upset him. Much as I expected, he sent his huge fleet to attack my home world (I think it was for the 8,2m debris scrubbers I had that I recycled) and I ninjad it. Hahah! Oh man, biggest battle I have had in the game. Ever.

So yeah, live and learn. If you guys want to crush a fleet but can't, piss your target off and wait for the lulz to happen.
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